The Alpenhof Parent and Child Health Resort

The Alpenhof Health Resort is located at an altitude of 1050 meters on the southern slopes of the Rottach mountain range – with a view of the Grünten, the "Watcher of the Allgäu", with the Alps behind. The pristine quality of nature here invites one to stroll and hike, and offers peace and clarity.

We can accommodate 23 mothers or fathers with up to 5 children each. As a rule, the cures last 3 weeks, or as long as 4 weeks with a medical indication. The cures are covered by health insurance if there is an indication for the cure (§111a SGB V).

A main indication for parent-child cures depends on complex physical and psychological complaints and problems arising from the tasks involved in raising children. The so-called ‘fatigue syndrome’ presents itself through various symptoms (e.g. insomnia, pain, irritability, depressive moods, family conflicts) depending on an individual’s constitution. Our doctors, therapists, educators and the entire staff team provide treatments in a protected and caring environment. The basis of our cure concept is Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical view of the human being.

Indications for children and adults:
- Metabolic disorders
- Skin diseases
- Diseases of the respiratory tract
- Psychosomatic diseases
- Psychovegetative disorders

On the day after arrival, an interview with a doctor will take place. Based on this interview, a detailed case history and an observation of the child(ren), the doctor creates an individual therapy plan. This will include necessary rest periods and take into account times for childcare.

Medical-therapeutic measures:
- External applications: Relaxation massage, Pressel massage, Rhythmic Einreibung (Rhythmic effleurage), oil dispensing baths, compresses, infusions
- Eurythmy: eurythmy therapy, hygienic-social group eurythmy
- Movement therapy: pelvic floor gymnastics, morning walks
- Artistic therapies: painting, sculpting, music therapy
- Conversations: psychotherapy, educational discussions
- Medical treatment with anthroposophic medicines and conversation

The children who stay at the spa can come as healthy companions with their mother or father, or receive their own therapies if they are in need of care. In principle, it is a matter of concern to us that all children – whether in need of a cure or not – experience a healing process. The children are cared for with respect to age and developmental level, according to Steiner/Waldorf pedagogy, in 3 to 4 groups: the children under 3 are cared for in the mornings in the ‘Wurzelstube’, the 3 to 6 year-olds are in the ‘Spielstube’ before and after school, and those of school age up to the 12th grade are in the ‘Grüntengruppe’. If several children are between kindergarten and schooling, or are in a preschool class, there is also a bridge group.

The Alpenhof Parent and Child Health Resort
Hinterberg 7, D-87549 Rettenberg
Telephone: +49 8327-9230