Rehab-Clinic Schloss Hamborn, Borchen

Hamborn Castle is located about seven kilometres south of Paderborn and has been the anthroposophic centre in East Westphalia for over 70 years. It is also home to the rehabilitation clinic.

The hospital has 75 beds and specializes in the rehabilitation of cancer (especially breast cancer), as well as somatoform disorders and orthopaedic diseases.
Schloss Hamborn is the only anthroposophical institution that is recognized not only by the health insurances, but also by the pension and allowance providers. The house is nested in a large community of different anthroposophical institutions (Waldorf kindergarten, Waldorf School, nursing home, child and youth welfare, organic farm, media workshop).
The main goal of the rehabilitation and cure is to encounter the disease in such a way that the sources of each person’s health and wellbeing are discovered and activated. Patients are thus able to better understand and digest the deep incision into life that is caused by a severe illness and can thereby give the situation a positive twist so that, even with the disease, a meaningful perspective into the future is gained.

Reha-Klinik Schloss Hamborn
33178 Borchen
Telephone +49 (0)5251 3886-0
Fax +49 (0)5251 3886-702

Working with clay contributes to the work of understanding, digesting and giving a positive turn to the change caused by a severe illness, thereby helping to find a meaningful future perspective.