Friedrich-Husemann-Klinik, Buchenbach

The Friedrich-Husemann-Clinic in Buchenbach near Freiburg is an acute care hospital for Psychiatry und Psychotherapy with 103 beds for hospital treatment and an outpatient ambulance.

The founder of the hospital, Dr. Friedrich Husemann, was an anthroposophical physician of the first moment. He could learn and practice the principles and contents of anthroposophically enlarged medicine and anthropology in direct contact to Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The Friedrich-Husemann-Clinic was founded in 1930 and is the oldest anthroposophical hospital for Psychiatry und Psychotherapy in Europe. 

Mental diseases, in particular depression and anxiety disorder, are widely spread today and may strike everybody. Over 30 % of the patients who visit a family doctor have mental diseases. Psychiatric symptoms are as frequent as somatic ones. They may be treated by a family doctor or a psychiatrist. If an ambulant treatment is not sufficient, the therapy may take place in an acute care hospital for Psychiatry und Psychotherapy.

Our treatments focus on:

Depression and manic disorder
Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder
Adjustment and posttraumatic stress disorder
Somatoform disorder
Personality disorder

 Crises in the context of addictive diseases

The science-based psychiatric und psychotherapeutic medicine forms the basis of our treatment. We expand this basis by integrative treatments of anthroposophical medicine.

Anthroposophic-naturopathic drugs
Physical applications (packings, rhythmic embrocations, bathes)
Art, craft, and work therapy
Organic food
Cultural life

The holistic idea of human nature also forms our mindset in psychotherapeutic individual and group dialogs as well as in mentoring.

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79256 Buchenbach
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Bending and weaving rattan with your hands - this can also help the soul to regain balance.