The AnthroMed® trademark

In 2007 nine anthroposophic clinics became partners of AnthroMed gGmbH in order to protect the trademark AnthroMed ®. The aim of this trademark is to promote the development of Anthroposophic Medicine according to defined quality standards. Since its beginning, this trademark process has been coordinated with the Medical Section at the Goetheanum’s School of Spiritual Science. AnthroMed gGmbH was asked by the Medical Section to create the trademark in such a way that all interested sectors of Anthroposophic Medicine could have the opportunity to join in its use.

AnthroMed gGmbH has thus made its trademark available to all institutions and therapists who can provide, in consultation with the Medical Section, the necessary qualifiers for meeting its standard criteria of Anthroposophic Medicine. It was also agreed to undertake the individualization of the trademark for each specific field of Anthroposophic Medicine through the addition of appropriate supplementary conditions.

To date, the partner clinics of the Clinical Network and the professional Eurythmy Associations have agreed to meet the trademark’s set of standard criteria as conditions of its use.

The ® AnthroMed trademark was registered on 17.1.2008 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Berne, with the registration number 566904.